Question: Who did Tony cheat with on the challenge?

Within 24 hours of being in Turkey, Tony cheated on his pregnant girlfriend Madison (who he did his Real World season with, and people knew she was pregnant).

Who did Tony hook up with on the challenge?

Despite having a girlfriend at home, Tony Raines was caught making out with Camila Nakagawa during Dirty 30 in 2017.

Does Cara Maria cheat on Abram?

Cara Maria cheated on Abram by providing handjobs, massages, and egg sandwiches to Thomas.

Are Zach and Jenna still together?

The Challenges Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols Are Officially Married After Postponing Wedding.

Do Tori and Fessy get together?

During MTVs The Challenge, Fessy admitted he found Tori attractive, but Tori was engaged to Jordan Wiseley at the time. So, did Tori and Fessy date after The Challenge? While they admitted during the reunion they did connect to see if there was a possible romance, nothing occurred. Now, they remain friends.

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