Question: What is the crazy hot scale?

What episode is the crazy hot scale?

How I Met Everyone Else How I Met Everyone ElseHow I Met Everyone ElseEpisode no.Season 3 Episode 5Directed byPamela FrymanWritten byGloria Calderon KellettOriginal air dateOctober 22, 20077 more rows

Who invented the hot crazy Matrix?

Dana McLendon Dana McLendon created the “Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix” to help dudes understand whether the girl theyre interested in is good-looking, insane, or both. The former divorce lawyer tells Fusion what he thinks a similar matrix for women would looks like. Spoiler alert: Only one axis would change.

Who made the hot crazy scale?

FRANKLIN – Franklin Alderman Dana McLendons Hot-Crazy Matrix has made it to the unicorn zone of viral videos. That is, the seven-minute parody dating video has become something rarely seen even in the world of Internet celebrity and popularity.

How do I meet everyone else girl?

Blah Blah (actual name Carol), who prefers to be called Blah, is a girl Ted dates during the events of How I Met Everyone Else. Blah Blah met Ted while playing World of Warcraft, although she insisted on having him tell the gang that they met in a cooking class (though Ted only told them that they met online).

Is Mario Mendoza in the Hall of Fame?

Mendoza managed in the minor leagues and in Mexico after his Major League Baseball (MLB) playing career. He is a member of the Mexican League Hall of Fame .Mario MendozaBaseball Hall of FameInduction200017 more rows

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