Question: What does it mean to fail the compatibility test?

What is compatibility testing?

Compatibility testing is the most important part of software development to testing whether a developed product is working as expected to see if improvements or enhancements are required. Hardware, mobile devices, and other applications can all be tested for compatibility.

Why is compatibility testing important?

Compatibility testing helps ensure complete customer satisfaction as it checks whether the application performs or operates as expected for all the intended users across multiple platforms. It is conducted on the application to evaluate the applications compatibility with different environments.

How do you test for compatibility?

How to perform Compatibility testing? Test the application in the same browsers but in different versions. For Example, to test the compatibility of site Download different versions of Firefox and install them one by one and test the eBay site.

What are the uses of compatibility testing?

A compatibility test is an assessment used to ensure a software application is properly working across different browsers, databases, operating systems (OS), mobile devices, networks and hardware.

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