Question: What percentage of Seattle is black?

What percent of Seattle is black 2020?

Seattle Demographics According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Seattle was: White: 67.30% Asian: 15.43% Black or African American: 7.33%

Is Seattle racially diverse?

The racial composition of the city in 2016 was 65.7% white, 14.1% Asian, 7.0% Black, 0.4% Native American, 0.9% Pacific Islander, 2.3% from other races, and 5.6% from two or more races. 6.6% of the population is Hispanic or Latino of any race.

Where do most black people live in San Francisco?

The majority of the citys black population reside within the neighborhoods of Bayview-Hunters Point, and Visitacion Valley in southeastern San Francisco, and in the Fillmore District in the northeastern part of the city.

What is considered middle class in San Francisco?

Specifically, a citys middle class income range is calculated by multiplying the areas median income by two-thirds its amount and by double its amount. In San Francisco, where the median household income is $96,265, the middle income range is $64,177 to an eye-popping $192,530.

What is the racial breakdown of the United States 2020?

As of 2020, non-Hispanic White Americans are the racial and ethnic majority, representing 57.8% of the population.

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