Question: What is the Bro-Code, and what are some examples of it?

For example, any man, at any age, anywhere, can say “Dude, leave her alone”, or “Cut it out, thats not cool”. At work during a meeting, any man could say, “Hey, let her finish”, or “Stop interrupting her.” As part of the Bro Code, men respect other men and will listen if you just simply say something.

Why does bro code exist?

In some ways the bro code exists as respect between men. Men invoke these unspoken rules to cover anything from bathroom etiquette to dating. The most basic of these unspoken rules is “bros before hos” which ties into the fact that as a bro, you should never date your best friends ex or put a woman before your bro.

Is it okay to call a woman bro?

Bro should only be used to address another guy. It depends on the girl. If she likes you she wont like it. But if there is just friendship between you two then you can call her bro.

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