Question: Why are Levis 501 so popular?

In addition to its reputation for craftsmanship and a democratic fit, denim expert and trend forecaster Samuel Trotman thinks that its stories like Bing Crosbys that have made the jeans so much more than just a sturdy pair of pants. “It is the ultimate original jean, I guess.

When did 501 jeans become popular?

1980 to 1990s: The 501® became synonymous with popular culture. Steve Jobs was one of the most recognizable 501® fans. The Apple founder made the 501® part of his signature “uniform”, pairing the blue denim with his black turtlenecks and grey New Balance sneakers.

How does Levis 501 fit?

The fit sits at the waist and has a straight leg that is regular through the thigh. While I wear wider leg chinos and slim-fit jeans as well, the democratic fit of the 501 feels like home — its comfortable and allows my personality to show.

How do you soften a 501?

Put the jeans into the dryer with a couple of clean tennis balls. The vinegar and tennis balls both help soften your Levis jeans.

Do Levis 501 shrink when washed?

The 501 is not sanforized. After sanforization the pants will only shrink about 1% in wash. But without it, a pair of raw denim will shrink up to 10% after the first wash! So therefore, the pants has to be shrunk and customized to the individual user.

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