Question: Where can I camp for free in Iowa?

Is there free camping in Iowa?

The majority of Iowas boondocking sites sit near the states remote farming communities. Some state parks that county governments manage have free camping in Iowa. You will find free primitive camping in some of the states forests, such as Yellow River State Forest and White Pine Hollow State Forest.

Can I camp anywhere in Iowa?

Camping is permitted only in designated areas. Camping is restricted to one basic unit per site except that a tent may be placed on the site with the basic unit. The area occupied by the small tent shall be no more than 8 feet by 10 feet and the tent shall hold no more than four people.

How long can you camp in a state park?

Length of Stay - Campgrounds During periods of high demand, the maximum length of a camping or cabin stay is 14 nights. After 14 nights, the camper must leave the park for at least three nights before returning for a new stay.

Can you camp on WMA land?

Camping is prohibited on or within 300 feet of any boat ramp, fishing lake or at other specific sites as posted or marked on WMA maps. All campers are required to store food in such a manner that it is not accessible by wildlife.

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