Question: What happened kpop infinite?

L of K-pop boy band INFINITE has left managing company Woollim Entertainment, but the group will not disband, the company said Monday. The nine-year contract involving L and Woollim has been terminated as of Aug 18, the company said in a press release.

Is INFINITE disbanded?

Infinite (band)InfiniteYears active2010-2019 (on indefinite hiatus)LabelsWoollim Universal DAssociated actsInfinite H Infinite FWebsiteifnt7.com8 more rows

Did dongwoo leave INFINITE?

INFINITEs Dongwoo and Sungyeol will be leaving Woollim Entertainment after 11 years spent at the agency. On March 31, Woollim announced via statement that Dongwoo and Sungyeols contracts had expired, and that after extensive discussions, it was decided that the contracts would not be renewed.

Is it true that BTS will be disbanded in 2020?

BigHit Entertainment has denied the rumor. In addition, there is a significant reason why BTS will not be disbanding in the coming 2020. Every K-pop idol group signs a contract that binds them to their company for 5-10 years. BigHit has confirmed that their contract will expire in 2026, rather than 2020.

How old is INFINITE?

Infinite was born on 18 August 1997. Infinite is 24 years old.

Why did Hova leave INFINITE?

Hoya, a former rapper and vocalist with the band, left after his contract had expired with Woollim Entertainment in 2017. In his statement to his fans at the time, the singer said he has not left them forever. I will continue to be with Infinite members and will do my best to be with them whenever they need me.

When did infinite debut date?

2010 Infinite/Active from

Why did Myungsoo leave Woollim?

After a lot of thought and consideration, I have decided to move on with my solo career. I felt like I needed a new challenge in my life, and now I am going to start that, wrote L in his statement. Fans of the group were quick to react, with many tweeting in support of the vocalist and actor.

How old is Lee Sungyeol?

30 years (August 27, 1991) Lee Sung-yeol/Age

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