Question: Which matrimonial sites is trustworthy?

Are online matrimonial sites trustworthy?

The world of matrimonial sites is not always safe and we often get to know about how people get duped by frauds they meet online. In fact, there are people who use these platforms to cheat others and often money is their main motive.

How can you detect fraudsters on matrimonial sites?

Visit their place of work. Do a thorough personal reference check. You should also look at their social media profiles. Always Look for Verified Profile Matches :Many matrimonial websites have verified profiles that have been thoroughly background checked by and verification experts.

Can we search someone on Jeevansathi?

Search, View & Contact Profiles. To contact Members, you are required to Log-in to My JeevanSathi and use the facility of Advanced Search, Quick Search or View Profiles or Photo Club.

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