Question: How do you date with health problems?

How do I talk to my partner about chronic illness?

Listen to your partner when they talk about the physical and emotional impact their disease is having on them, along with what the symptoms and side effects are. Be patient with them and, whats more, believe them. Realise that what they are going through is even worse than what you are experiencing.

Is it okay to hide things from your partner?

Over time, hiding something important can even affect how you feel emotionally. You may find your patience is shorter and you may become more defensive, Klapow says. Keeping information from your partner that is potentially damaging to you or them puts your body in a perpetual stress response.

What do guys want when they are sick?

Most important, men want to be reassured that they are loved and wanted, that even if they are helpless, they still will be loved. You`ll find yourself thinking, `Sure, you love me when I`m strong and capable,` says Bill, `but will you still love me when I`m weak and dependent?` Men have to find this out.

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