Question: How do you get a football player to notice you?

How can I send a message to the NFL?

To send your thoughts, feedback, and suggestion about the NFL, please use his business email address aka NFL Commissioner Email Address

How do you send a message to the NFL?

Send a letter to the NFL Head Office for compliments or complaints. Sending a letter is a good way to send the NFL a message that you dont need a response to. Send your letter to 345 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10154.

How can I start my football career?

Goal brings you some tips that may help on your path to becoming a pro.Start young.Join a team.Work hard & be willing to sacrifice.Healthy diet & smart exercise.Create a football CV.Find an agent.Trials.Look for college scholarships.More items •20 Sep 2019

Can I join a football academy at 16?

Normally one of the best ages to join an academy is around 13. As Pro Contracts can be given from the age of 16 and 18, is better to join before this age. However, every situation is different. You can always become a professional player regardless of what people tell you.

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