Question: What is Best Buys code of conduct?

At Best Buy, we demonstrate our ethics by living our values: Unleash the Power of Our People; Learn from Challenge and Change; Show Respect, Humility and Integrity; and Have Fun While Being the Best.

Is Best Buy an ethical company?

Best Buy is proud to be one of two U.S. retailers included on the 2020 Worlds Most Ethical Companies list by Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in ethical business practices. We recently released an updated Code of Ethics that outlines Best Buys fundamental beliefs, principles and expectations.

Can couples work together at Best Buy?

Best Buy will not allow a direct reporting relationship between employees involved in a romantic relationship. Leaders must distinguish between leadership and friendship and establish boundaries so that their personal relationships dont impact how they work with their employees and how they relate as professionals.

How does Best Buy deal with ethically questionable behavior?

In response to their concerns, Best Buy implemented a wide-scale electronics recycling program. Today, Best Buy employs a Chief Ethics Office and maintains a blog for company employees; it covers ethical lapses and related issues.

What makes Best Buy ethical?

Not only do our employees live these values every day, but we expect our suppliers and partners to act ethically, too. We share our expectations and practices in many ways, including through our robust Code of Business Ethics, Supplier Code of Conduct and training programs.

Do you tip TV delivery guys?

Remember: you are under no obligation to tip, but if you are satisfied with the service provided to you and the appliance delivery person treated you and your home with respect, you cant go wrong by providing them with a gratuity.

What are the top 3 things that would make you stay in your company?

The infographic below describes the top reasons why talented employees stay longer in your company.Inspired To Work Smarter.Feeling Valued, Recognize, Respected.Mentored.Paid Well.Good Benefits and Incentives.Believe in The Company Mission and Vision.Working Environment Satisfaction.Exciting and Challenging Work.More items

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