Question: What does mai pen rai mean in Thai?

Mai pen rai, which can be translated as never mind or It is nothing is a very common expression in Thai, the language of Thailand.

How do you write mai pen rai in Thai?

mai pen rai. It doesnt matter. — Never mind. — Youre welcome — Dont mention it. — Its no big deal. สถานการณ์ สถานที่ ธุระ » การพูดโทรศัพท์

What type of clue is mai pen rai?

“Mai pen rai.” When you say thank you, a mai pen rai may be the response. Not only is it a form of showing appreciation for your gratitude, but also a way of saying “Theres no need to thank me! It was nothing.”

What does Sabai mean in Thai?

comfortable As mentioned earlier, สบาย (sabai) means comfortable and ดี (dii) means good. สบายดี (sabaidee) can be literally translated as well comfortable. The phrase is used to answer the question สบายดีไหม (How are you?) in Thai.

What does kop khun ka mean?

Thank you Thank you. Kop-khun. Kop-khun-kha for women and kop-khun-krub for men. Thank you very much.

What is Aloy in Thai?

Derived from the Thai word for delicious, Aroy, Aloy was chosen by the family to ensure customers know the renamed restaurants reasonable prices and healthy ingredients will remain the same for years to come.

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