Question: What is there to do in Monterey Covid?

Is Monterey open for tourists?

COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted Monterey County is open and welcoming travelers to explore its awe-inspiring Central Coast destination safely and responsibly with some restrictions in place. For additional health guidance and frequently asked questions when planning a trip to Monterey County, visit here.

What is open in Monterey CA?

24 Best & Fun Things To Do In Monterey (California)Cannery Row. Daniela Calota Lita / Shutterstock. Monterey State Historic Park. Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo. Old Fishermans Wharf. Monterey Bay Aquarium. Point Sur Lightstation. Monterey Museum of Art. Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail.More items •Jul 22, 2021

What is there to do at Covid Carmel by the Sea?

Outdoor recreation including biking, kayaking, scuba diving, surfing and more are open with social distancing and sanitation procedures in place. Golf courses have reopened with modified operations to follow proper safety and health requirements.

How long does the 17-Mile Drive take?

about three hours How long does 17-Mile Drive take? Allow about three hours to explore 17-Mile Drive, especially if you stop to take photographs or eat along the way.

How much does the 17-Mile Drive cost?

The entrance fee into Pebble Beach Resorts and 17-Mile Drive is $10.50 per vehicle. Upon payment of your entry fee at any of the five entry gates into Pebble Beach, you will receive a helpful brochure detailing the many scenic and historic points of interest along the route which also serves as a perfect souvenir.

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