Question: What was Herb Alperts real name?

Does Herb Alpert have a brother?

David Alpert Herb Alpert/Brothers

How did Herb Alpert make his money?

He earned his fortune as the co-founder of A&M Records. He co-founded the company with Jerry Moss. Herb and Jerry sold A&M to PolyGram in 1989 for $500 million in cash.

Did Herb Alpert sing?

Although known primarily for his trumpet playing as the leader of the Tijuana Brass, Alpert sang lead vocals on this solo recording, arranged by Bacharach.

What style of music is Herb Alpert?

Jazz Herb Alpert/Genres

Who first recorded this guys in love with you?

Dionne Warwick Dionne Warwick was the first to record this version of the song, which was released as a single in 1969, reaching No. 7 in the U.S. that same year. It also spent four weeks at No. 2 on the Easy Listening chart.

What movie is this guys in love with you?

The Boat That Rocked This Guy’s in Love With You/Movie

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