Question: Is it common for men to be lonely in their 30s?

At what age do men feel lonely?

A new study has found that 35 is the age at which men feel the most lonely.

Is loneliness more common in men?

Statistically significant sex differences are not usually found with the UCLA scale, but, when they are found, males typically have higher loneliness scores. In terms of self-labeling, women more frequently than men admit being lonely.

What age is the loneliest?

11, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- Loneliness can strike at any age, but a new study finds that young adults are the loneliest Americans, with people in their 60s being the least lonely. Researchers analyzed responses from more than 2,800 people nationwide (ages 20-69) who participated in an online survey.

What is the loneliest generation?

Millennials Millennials are the loneliest generation, according to a new survey of US adults. The YouGov poll found 30% of millennials said they always or often feel lonely, compared to 20% of Generation X and just 15% of baby boomers.

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