Question: Where can I find dates in Singapore?

Where can I date in Singapore?

Quiet date activities in Singapore at non-crowded placesPet and feed animals at a kampung farm away from town crowds. Go art jamming with a view at a hidden studio in Istana Park. Get a birds eye view of Singapore for $6/pax at The Pinnacle@Duxton. Venture on different trails at the Changi Point Coastal Walk.More items •Feb 13, 2020

Where should I go on a first date in Singapore?

Free date ideas for couples in SingaporeHiking at various nature spots in Singapore. Picnic at places with free parking. Visit the Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) Go museum hopping in Singapore. Visit farms along the Kranji Heritage Trail. Roam around Haw Par Villa. Visit the NEWater Visitor Centre.More items •Aug 1, 2021

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