Question: Who is Ross Lynchs first girlfriend?

Ross first met dancer Morgan Larson while filming Disneys Teen Beach Movie in 2012. Its never been confirmed that the two dated, but during an April 2019 interview with Cosmopolitan, Ross revealed that hed been involved in a love triangle on the set of the movie, though he didnt say with whom.

Who are Ross Lynchs ex girlfriends?

His Ex-Girlfriend Courtney Eaton is Cool with Jaz Sinclair While Lynch comes off as a ladies man, he was with ex-girlfriend, Courtney Eaton, for over two years. The couple always appeared to be very much in love, and even though they eventually broke up in 2017, Lynch and Eaton remain close.

Did Ross and Maia dating in real life?

Some fans were also rooting for Ross and his Teen Beach Movie costar Maia to get together, but unfortunately, these two never entered into a relationship either! The actor did admitOpens in a new Window., however, that he thought Maia was a great kisser.

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