Question: What is a high maintenance relationship?

What is a high maintenance relationship? A high maintenance relationship is when someone is making you responsible for him or her in various different areas of their life that are their responsibility.

What does it mean when a woman is high maintenance?

The phrase “high maintenance woman” casually refers to a woman who places exceptionally high standards on herself and her dating partner. She spends an excessive amount of time on herself. There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.

What is considered emotionally high maintenance?

Well, high maintenance is actually a code, referring to emotional demands. A high maintenance woman is considered to be emotionally needy, rather than financially or physically demanding. By definition, a woman cannot be high maintenance on her own.

Is it bad to be high maintenance in a relationship?

Asking for what you want in a relationship is always smart, says dating guru Amber Madison. As a dating coach and relationship columnist, I travel the country talking to young women about their love lives. Being high maintenance isnt bad; it might even improve your relationship.

What is high maintenance girlfriend?

When people describe boyfriends or girlfriends as high maintenance, what they mean is they have “higher than normal expectations, and therefore more difficult or challenging to deal with”.

Do guys want a high maintenance girl?

A good man wants a high-maintenance woman or would say a woman is high-maintenance because he knows she respects and loves herself. He doesnt want to be completely responsible for your happiness. (Thats why I said he wants to enhance your life, not be your life).

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