Question: What is a debatable question?

Such a question is debatable, meaning it is subject to disagreement or doubt. Something is debatable if theres reason to doubt it. If you say youre going to play in the NBA someday, but youre very short, your plans are debatable.

How do you write a debate question?

Ask questions to clarify arguments.Ask questions about the quality of your opponents evidence.Ask questions to get your opponents to admit their case has weaknesses.Give clear, specific, concise answers.Ask for clarification if the question is unclear.Qualify your answers.More items

What are the most debatable issues?

The 25 Most Controversial Topics TodayAbortion.Artificial Intelligence.Censorship and Freedom of Speech.Civil Rights.Climate Change.Death Penalty/Capital Punishment.Health Insurance.Religious Freedom.More items •Feb 25, 2021

What is the format for a debate?

The debate format is relatively simple; each team member of each side speaks for five minutes, alternating sides. A ten-minute discussion period, similar to other formats open cross-examination time follows, and then a five-minute break (comparable to other formats preparation time).

How do you start a debate example?

Follow the below-given steps to start a debate speech.Begin with an impressive greeting.Tell a personal story.State an amazing fact.Use a powerful quotation.Ask a rhetorical question.State a problem.Share your opinion about the topic.

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