Question: How do I cancel my blendr premium?

How do I cancel my blendr account?

These are the steps to close your Blendr account:Go to the blendr site.Log in to your blendr account.Look at the top right corner of your screen and open the profile menu.Select Settings.On the left side of your screen select Delete Profile.You will see a list of options.More items

How do I cancel my premium account on Badoo?

To cancel your Badoo Premium subscription:Log into your Badoo account.Open your profile.Click the Settings icon in the top right corner.Scroll down the the Payment Settings section.Click on Unsubscribe.

How do I stop auto renewal on Badoo?

Android users have a similar setup: Open the Google Play Store on your phone. Select the menu icon and select Subscriptions .Cancel your Badoo subscriptionLog into your Badoo account and select the Settings menu from the cog icon in the top right.Select unsubscribe.Select Unsubscribe again to confirm your choice.Jul 14, 2019

How do I get my money back from Badoo?

Once you have paid for any premium services, you have the right to cancel and be reimbursed for all payments received within 14 days. If you wish to cancel please let us know via Feedback Page.

How do you delete pictures on blendr?

Select Delete to remove the picture or video. To remove an entire album, click Delete album below its cover photo. Uncheck the Make this album private box to display the Delete button and click it to remove the album from Badoo.

How do I cancel Badoo premium via SMS?


Why does Badoo keep blocking my account?

In addition to the community guidelines, your Badoo account may be locked as a result of inappropriate photos that have been uploaded to the site. The official Badoo response to a blocked account is the following: If your Badoo account has been blocked, its likely that your profile has violated our guidelines.

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