Question: Why do some outlets have 4 wires?

This circuit allows for the bottom receptacle to be switched while the top receptacle will remain hot at all times. To perform this circuit, you will need to use a 4-wire cable to allow for the extra circuit.

Why does my outlet have 6 wires?

Look inside the outlet box to identify the six wires. The two bare copper ground wires help prevent accidental electric shock. One ground connects to the outlet from the main power source, while the other connects the outlet to the next one on the circuit just like the other wires.

Why do I have 3 white wires and 3 black wires?

2 Answers. The likely scenario is that the single white wire is the switched hot and the bundled white wires are the neutral. You need to confirm this. With all wire bundles clear of each other and any metal, turn on the switch and then restore power at the breaker.

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