Question: How can I fake my location?

How can I fake my location on my phone?

How to spoof your location on AndroidDownload a GPS spoofing app.Enable Developer options.Select mock location app.Spoof your location.Enjoy your media.8 Apr 2018

How can I fake my location for free?

Android Location SpoofingInstall Fake GPS Free.Open the app and tap Enable on the message at the bottom about mock locations.Tap Developer Settings to open that screen, and then go to Select mock location app > FakeGPS Free.More items •4 Feb 2021

How do I turn off mock location?

Steps to Turn Off Mock LocationFirst, Open the “Setting” app on your phone.Scroll down and select “Developer Options” and open it.In the Developer Options, Scroll down and find the “Allow Mock Location” option.Here you can enable and disable Mock Location using the “Slider” button.6 Mar 2019

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