Question: What are the bad areas of Connecticut?

What are the top 10 most dangerous cities in Connecticut?

According to RoadSnacks, here are Connecticuts 10 dangerous cities:Waterbury. Hamden. Manchester. Bridgeport. New Britain. Bloomfield. New London. There is a noticeable decrease in criminal activity in New London. Meriden. Between Hartford and New Haven, you can find Meriden.More items •Aug 22, 2021

What is the safest area in Connecticut?

Safest Cities in Connecticut, 2019RankCitySafety Index1Orange0.912Greenwich0.93New Canaan0.864Monroe0.8480 more rows

Is Connecticut a bad place to live?

But in the area of education, Connecticut ranked fifth best, and our state is the ninth safest in the country. Even our quality of life was ranked No. 18. All in all not too bad, minus our economy and the cost of living.

What is the nicest town in CT?

The 6 Best Places to Live in ConnecticutWEST HARTFORD, CT. Ranked the best place to live in Connecticut three years in a row, West Hartford attracts a diverse group—everyone from young professionals and families to retirees wants to put down roots here. RIDGEFIELD, CT. GREENWICH, CT. CHESHIRE, CT. SIMSBURY, CT. WESTPORT, CT.6 Apr 2021

Why is Torrington CT so cheap?

Honestly, Torrington is cheap because it is kind of dumpy. It isnt dumpy as in dangerous and unsafe, but as in not terribly pretty. In that area I would rather live in New Hartford, Harwinton, Goshen, Barkhamstead…. most other places besides Torrington.

What is middle class income in Connecticut?

Popular ArticlesStateMiddle-class incomeMedian household incomeAlaska$63,873$75,463Connecticut$63,375$78,833New Hampshire$62,890$77,933Rhode Island$62,691$71,16946 more rows•16 Apr 2021

Is CT better than FL?

According to the 24/7 Wall Street, Florida is one of the top 10 states for crime with the 3rd highest murder rate in 2013 and nearly 460 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. US News & World Report ranked Connecticut third overall in high school education, while Florida was sixth.

How can I move from Connecticut to Florida?

Quick Answer: The average cost to move from Connecticut to Florida is $2,800-$4,000 depending on the size, route, and timing of the move. Hiring a professional moving company will be on the more expensive side. Renting a truck or using a moving container will save you money but also require a lot more work.

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