Question: What does mirroring mean in a relationship?

“To put it simply, mirroring is matching someones behavior, whether its their voice, their words, or their non-verbal cues (think gestures, movement, and body posture),” explains body language expert Tonya Reiman.

What does it mean when couples mirror each other?

When two people are mirroring each other, it shows that there is comfort, trust, and rapport among them. Long-term friends and romantic couples are particularly attuned to one another. In many ways, mirroring can be seen as a form of perspective taking or empathy.

What does it mean when your boyfriend mirrors you?

It happens far more often than you realize, and you probably do it to other people all the time without being any the wiser. But if you have picked up on a guy mirroring you, it could mean that he likes you (in a romantic sense or a friendly one) and is trying to build a bond of some kind between you.

Why do Narcissists mimic you?

Many people are more likely to trust someone with personality traits or interests that mimic their own. Seasoned narcissists understand that shared traits build trust, which is why they imitate what you do.

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