Question: Is 6ft tall for a girl?

Is 6ft too tall for a woman? No, there is no “too tall” (or “too short”) for women, because female height is almost entirely irrelevant regarding men. Most women care deeply about mens height, wanting a man to ideally be six feet and above, and realistically be at least several inches taller than they are.

How many girls are 6ft tall?

About 36 percent of women are taller than the average, and at least 5 percent grow into the 5 feet 9 inches to over 6 feet height category. California has more tall women than any other state and has sprouted several extra tall womens clubs.

How rare is a 6 foot tall woman?

1% Roughly 1% of US women are 6 feet tall or taller. The equivalent height cutoff for US men (only 1% of population taller) is about 6ʹ4″.

What race has the shortest height?

Countries With The Shortest Average HeightsNigeria (5 feet, 3.75 inches) Iraq (5 feet, 3.25 inches) Malaysia (5 feet, 2.75 inches) Vietnam (5 feet, 2.5 inches) India (5 feet, 2.25 inches) Peru (5 feet, 2 inches) Sri Lanka (5 feet, 1.5 inches) Philippines (5 feet, 1.5 inches)More items

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