Question: Why did Blake and Kaynette divorce?

Shelton and Williams Divorced Due to “Inappropriate Marital Conduct” According to a Country Fancast article, Williams filed for divorce and claimed that the singer had been “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.” Just a few years later, Williams even attempted to sell her size 6 Demetrios wedding gown on eBay.

When did Blake Shelton divorce Kaynette?

2006 Blake Shelton and Kaynette Williams Gatlinburg Wedding Its nothing more than just knowing youre right.” Sadly, this promising marriage did not last and ended in divorce in 2006. Blake went on to marry fellow country music star Miranda Lambert on May 14, 2011, in Boerne, Texas.

What happened to Blake Sheltons son?

Richies 20-year-old girlfriend was driving over a hill and slammed into the back of a school bus picking up passengers. Richie, his girlfriend, as well as her 3-year-old son all died as a result of the tragic accident.

Did Blake Sheltons first wife remarry?

After her divorce with Blake Shelton, Kaynette did not remarry until 2015. According to Kaynettes mother Patricia, Kaynette and her now husband Cody Joe Scheck were introduced by a mutual friend.

Did Blake Shelton divorce because of Gwen Stefani?

Shelton filed for divorce from Lambert, his second wife, after four years of marriage. Then just weeks later, Stefani and Rossdale shocked fans by calling it quits after 13 years of marriage and three children. Stefani, who had stepped away from “The Voice” the prior season, returned for Season 9 alongside Shelton.

Do Blakes parents like Gwen?

Country singer Blake Shelton finally met his girlfriend Gwen Stefanis parents during the holidays and it seems that he and Gwens dad are getting along well. “Blake helped Gwens dad around the house,” a source from People magazine revealed. “They seemed very friendly and like they were getting along great.”

Did Blake Shelton create the voice?

Blake Shelton has certainly made his mark on The Voice franchise after being a coach every single season since it first aired in 2011. Team Blake has won the show six times, and his paycheck certainly reflects his success, as he makes a whopping $13 million per season.

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