Question: How did the world find out that Tiger Woods was dating Olympian Lindsey Vonn?

Tiger Woods: 2013-2015 In 2012, Lindsey crossed paths with professional golfer Tiger Woods at a charity event. According to the Olympic medalist, the two immediately clicked. After months of long-distance dating, Lindsey officially declared their relationship via a Facebook post in March 2013.

How did Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods meet?

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn met at a charity event back in 2012. Vonn was going through a divorce with skier Thomas Vonn, who she married in 2007. The couple was officially divorced in January 2013. Although Vonn initially tried to deny her relationship with Woods, it broke out and many people began to know about it.

What Olympian did Tiger Woods date?

Following Woods cheating scandal, the golfer found love again with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. The couple, who confirmed their relationship in 2013, dated for nearly three years. “I will always cherish the memories that weve created together.

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