Question: Who is the most famous person from DC?

Which celebrities are from DC?

ActorsGbenga Akinnagbe (born 1978), actor; born in D.C.Jonathan Banks (born 1947), actor; born in D.C.Jon Bernthal (born 1976), actor; born in D.C.David Birney (born 1939), actor; born in D.C.Blair Brown (born 1946), actress; born in D.C.Sandra Bullock (born 1964), actress; born in Arlington, Virginia.More items

Who lived in DC?

The Nacotchtank are an indigenous Algonquian people who lived in the area of what is now Washington, D.C. during the 17th century. The Nacotchtank village was situated within the modern borders of the District of Columbia along the intersection of two major rivers— the Potomac and the Anacostia.

What Indians were in DC?

You can also visit the websites below to learn more about the tribes that thrive in Washington, D.C. and the neighboring states that have recognized tribal nations.Piscataway Conoy Tribe.Piscataway Conoy Creations.Pamunkey Indian Tribe.Nentego (Nanichoke)The Confederation of Sovereign Nanticoke-Lenape Tribes.Mattaponi.More items

Does Washington DC have a flag?

U.S. federal district flag consisting of a white field with two horizontal red stripes and three red stars above the stripes. The flags width-to-length ratio is 1 to 2. Following World War I (1914–18), a number of designs were advanced for a flag for the District of Columbia.

Who were the first people in DC?

Originally inhabited by an Algonquian-speaking people known as the Nacotchtank, the site of the District of Columbia along the Potomac River was first selected by President George Washington.

What did Native Americans call Washington DC?

Nacotchtanks The Anacostans name is a Latin version of their original name, the Nacotchtanks. The name came from the Indian word “anaquashatanik,” which means “a town of traders.” They were known for trading throughout the Chesapeake area, even trading fur with the Iroquois of New York.

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