Question: What makes a cancer woman good for a man?

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman A Cancer womans compatibility with a cancer man when it comes to love, sex and communication are all equally high, so thats a great thing. They also both love their home, pampering, and hosting people, so its hard to find clashes there.

What does a Cancer want in a man?

A Cancer guy likes a sensitive, sweet, and passionate woman. She should be as traditional and romantic as he is, with a strong sense of loyalty and the desire to start a family. If you are an emotional, loving, and intuitive lady, then a Cancer man could be the ideal partner for you.

What makes a Cancer happy?

Governed by the element of water, Cancers value peace and tranquility. Family and relationships are extremely important to them, and they often make sacrifices for their loved ones that can go unnoticed. Though Cancerians may a bit passive in nature, that doesnt mean they dont have tempers.

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