Question: Where is Alan Longstreet from?

For Longstreet, 31, who was born in Grand Rapids and grew up in Coopersville, acting has been something thats captivated him since elementary school, which was when he first saw the Disney musical Newsies.

Is Alan Longstreet still at Fox 2 detroit?

Alan Longstreet is an American meteorologist currently working for Fox 2. He is on the wake-up-at-2am-on-air-by-4am shift and he likes it. His home to Lake Michigan was half an hour; it was both the best and the worst experience.

Does Alan Longstreet twins?

Alan and his wife, Scarlett, are pregnant with twins! They will be welcomed by big sister, Holiday. Derek and his wife, Melissa, are expecting their second child in June -- a boy. He will also be welcomed by a big sister, Hadley.

Where does Derek kevra live?

Michigan is my home and I am a local boy through and through: born and raised in Livonia, I attended Stevenson High School, Riley Middle School and Coolidge Elementary. Being able to forecast for the region I grew up in is a dream come true.

Where is rich luterman from?

Pittsburgh Originally from Pittsburgh, Rich graduated in 1988 from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology. He was commissioned a second lieutenant through the U.S. Air Force ROTC and served four-and-a-half years on active duty as a weather officer.

How old is Deena Centofanti Fox 2 news?

Deena Centofanti is 55 years old today. She was born on October 4, 1965, in Detroit, USA.

Is Jay towers still on the radio?

I continue to host Jay Towers in the Morning on 100.3 WNIC every morning with Allyson and Chelsea. From Feature Reporter to Weekend Anchor to Morning Anchor, Ive been having the time of my life.

What is Derek kevra wife name?

Derek Kevra Wedding | Wife Kevra is married to his lovely wife Melissa Campbell. The two love birds tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony that was held on October 11, 2014, in Michigan. Kevra and his wife are the parents of two adorable and wonderful children.

Who is the new weatherman on Fox 2 detroit?

Michael Estime Michael Estime. I am honored and humbled to return home to Detroit and work alongside the most talented meteorologists in the country here at WJBK Fox 2 News. Before joining the WJBK Fox 2 News family, I served for 4 years as the Weekend Meteorologist and weekday co-cost of “Live on Lakeside” in Cleveland at WKYC.

Who did Taryn Asher marry?

Jason Carrm. 2007 Taryn Asher/Spouse

How much does Amy Andrews make?

Amy Andrews Salary Andrews as a co-anchor at WJBK FOX 2 News in Detroit, Michigan earns an average annual salary of $81,654.

What is Devin scillian annual salary?

Devin Scillian Salary Being one of the top anchors for WDIV-TV, Scillian earns an annual salary ranging between $250 thousand – $ 100,000.

Did Devin scillian retire?

Devin ScillianYears active1985–presentEmployerWDIV-TV (1995–present)Spouse(s)Corey ScillianChildren44 more rows

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