Question: What are pros to dating?

What are the pros and cons to dating?

Real Life Pros And Cons To DatingPro 4: They listen to you.Pro 5: The truly enjoyable moments.Con 1: Fights.Con 2: Their attitude.Con 3: When they get on your nerves.Con 4: When they dont listen to you.Con 5: When they hurt you.Pro 6: They love you.15 Aug 2016

What is a pros and cons list called?

A pros and cons list is a simple but powerful decision-making tool used to help understand both sides of an argument. Pros are listed as arguments in favor of making a particular decision or action. Cons are listed arguments against it.

What are pros examples?

Examples of Pros: New car is safer. New car gets better gas mileage. New car has more cargo space .Examples of Cons:New car is expensive.Old car runs fine.Insurance will cost more on the new car.

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