Question: Who will win between Scorpio and Leo?

Who win Scorpio or Leo?

Leo burns with passion Out Front; but Scorpio burns with passion Within. So maybe it will appear that Leo Wins, at first; but in the long run Scorpios slow internal boil might just overpower the battle, but Observers dont actually realize that Leo lost because Scorpio never shows all her cards.

Why do Leos hate being ignored?

Leos hate, hate, being ignored. They want to be a part of their own united nature. They dont like being excluded and tend to ignore the realities of the situation because their feeling have been hurt and their temper triggered.

Are Leo and Scorpio a good match?

Leo and Scorpio are legendary lovers, where passion meets fierce loyalty and spikes in fiery conflict. Leo in love is proud, generous and demanding. Scorpio in love is power-wise and enveloping. In this love match, trust to make it through the raw moments is everything.

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