Question: Why are Aries so attracted to Capricorns?

They have different opinions and often have arguments like Capricorns are more if a lone wolf whereas Aries are more outgoing and open. Its their strong personality that attracts them towards each other.

Is Capricorn good with Aries?

As two of the most ambitious and goal-oriented signs in the zodiac, Aries and Capricorn have what it takes to be the zodiacs ultimate power couple. “Theyre both incredibly stimulated by the others dynamism and inherent drive, and the intellectual compatibility between an Aries and Capricorn is unmatched,” she says.

Can Aries and Capricorn be best friends?

They work well together. If Aries and Capricorn can put aside their differences, then they can have a respectable friendship (or relationship). However, if they get frustrated by those differences, theyre going to crash and burn quickly.

Are Capricorn and Aries toxic?

Capricorns, at least, are capable of doing their own thing, without feeling like they need to be attached to their partner. But still, although not in the top three when it comes to toxicity with Aries, its best for these two signs to avoid each other.

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