Question: What is electric hookup for tents?

What is EHU for tents? EHU is an abbreviation of Electric Hook Up. Its the ability to have a working power outlet in your tent whilst your pitched on a campsite that provides electric power points. Grab a cable, plug it in the power post and run it into your tent.

How do I know if my leisure battery is good?

The only way I check is is to completly charge and then discharge into a known load say a 12v car bulb of known wattage and current,Measure the dischage current anyway to confirm and see how long it takes to discharge to get a amp per hr result.

What happens if you overcharge a leisure battery?

Leisure battery top tips summary Overcharging can be just as bad for your leisure battery as undercharging. As a general rule, never allow your leisure battery to discharge below 50 per cent of its capacity. Performance will deteriorate with age. A typical leisure battery can last as little as five years.

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