Question: Who is a famous person in Georgia?

Kanye West. The world-famous rapper and fashion designer is most famously affiliated with Chicago, but did you know he was born in Georgia and lived in the state until he was three years old?

What rappers are from Augusta Georgia?

Augusta Rappers such as Tk Kravitz Hall Jr 2026 , Blazer Barboza, Jayy Fox, Ywm Flyya, Itchy Corleone, and more have gave the music scene alot of exposure to there fan base of there hometown, that have designed a culture that will soon break through on a mainstream level.

How many millionaires are in Georgia?

Households with more than $1 million in investable assetsStateMillionaire householdsMillionaires as share of all householdsGeorgia200,3955.20%New Hampshire39,2097.36%Oregon89,3835.45%Wyoming14,9896.24%6 more rows

What is the wealthiest zip code in Georgia?

10 Richest Georgia Zip CodesRankZip CodeMean Income130327$284,576230305$188,672330306$183,858430342$181,4676 more rows

Who is the richest people in Georgia?

Jim Kennedy: He is the chairman of Cox Enterprises, which owns AutoTrader, Kelley Blue Book, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and other auto and media brands. Kennedy is worth $9.4 billion. He is the wealthiest person in Georgia but the 247th richest person in the world.

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