Question: Is it worth meeting with a financial advisor?

Why should I meet with a financial advisor?

Meet with you to assess your current financial situation and goals. Develop a comprehensive plan that addresses your major areas of financial concern: retirement, college planning, insurance, avoiding estate tax, etc. Provide advice as unexpected financial issues arise in your life.

What happens when you meet with a financial advisor?

During the first meeting with your financial advisor, expect a thorough assessment of your current financial situation. Theyll ask a number of questions to get a better understanding of your life – money, family and personal goals included. Get money naked and be honest about your financial world.

How much information should you give your financial advisor?

The person you work with can give you specific guidance on what documents to bring, but paperwork may include: 401(k) and other investment plan statements. Mortgage and other debt statements (Hint: You shouldnt start investing until youre debt-free, besides the house.) Pay stubs for you and/or your spouse.

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