Question: Which country uses Snapchat the most?

Which countries use Snapchat the most?

Leading countries based on Snapchat audience size as of July 2021 (in millions)CharacteristicAudience size in millionsUnited States105.25India99.8France23.4United Kingdom19.89 more rows•Aug 2, 2021

What is the most common use of Snapchat?

According to a study, the top reasons users use Snapchat include talking to friends, sharing photos, playing around with lenses and filters, and sharing videos. In comparison, most Twitter users use it to keep up with current events while most YouTube users hop on the platform to learn more about topics of interest.

Who uses Snapchat anymore?

But Snapchat is far from being a company in peril. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2021 about 65% of 18-29-year-olds still use Snapchat — they couldnt possibly all be creepy dudes looking to follow up with 19-year old Tinder matches.

Which country has best army?

RANKED: The worlds 20 strongest militaries9) United Kingdom. Budget: $60.5 billion. 8) Italy. Budget: $34 billion. 7) South Korea. Budget: $62.3 billion. 6) France. Budget: $62.3 billion. 5) India. Budget: $50 billion. 4) Japan. Budget: $41.6 billion. 3) China. Budget: $216 billion. 2) Russia. Budget: $84.5 billion.More items •13 Jul 2021

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