Question: What do I need to know about dating a Gemini man?

His strong sense of youthfulness is refreshing to be around, and you wont ever feel bored with him, including the bedroom, where he happens to be very open-minded and down for anything. Being an air sign, your Gemini has feelings—enough for the both of you—but prefers to analyze and talk them out.

What does a Gemini man need in a relationship?

Geminis value communication and conversation. Thomas says Geminis are “naturally curious” people, who need communication and conversation in a relationship. He states in his Love And Sex With Gemini article, “Communication in love is important, so being able to chat up a storm must be a thing.”

Do Geminis like to be alone?

Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Gemini tops the list as one of the most social signs around. For Gemini to truly feel themselves, they need to be out meeting new people, and engaging with their wide social circle. Without friends and family — and even strangers — to converse with, Gemini can easily feel lonely.

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