Question: Who is NADZ?

Jeffrey Hadzinsky, otherwise known as Nadz, was driving east on East Waterloo Road in the right lane approaching George Washington Boulevard. He has been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving under suspension and stopping after accident on public roads or highways.

Did NADZ from RMG die?

The popular personality, seen in the show, Rovers Morning Glory, Jeffrey Hadzinsky commonly known as RMGs Nadz has died today. Yes, this upsetting news is coming from social media where it was confirmed that he passed away on 12th January 2021.

How did NADZ die?

Former Phone Screener Nadz committed suicide over the weekend.

Is it safe to give Rover my SSN?

When you submit your social security number, youre giving it to the background check processor, not Rover directly. They dont store your number, it goes directly to Checkr, the processing company.

Does Rover report to IRS?

Yes, you do have to report income from Rover, even though you WILL NOT receive any documentation in the form of a 1099 from either Rover or Paypal. It isnt required to be attached to any official IRS filings.

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