Question: How do you end a chat?

How do you end a conversation online?

Say something along the lines of, It was great talking to you. Continue with how you should meet up soon and talk again. If you are bored, say you have another appointment. Just say gotta go! bye! or something like that.

Can hold a conversation meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English hold a conversation to have a conversation → holdExamples from the Corpushold a conversation• This involved being around, or hanging around, just watching, recording, holding conversations.

How do you say goodbye in romantic?

Cute ways to say goodbye to your lover01“Bye-bye, butterfly” 02“Farewell, milady” 03“You made my day so special” 04“Give a hug, ladybug” 05“Take care, teddy bear” 06“Blow a kiss, goldfish” 07“See you later, cutie pie” 08“I cant wait to see your beautiful face again”More items •Sep 3, 2019

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