Question: How old is reminisce now?

What is the real name of Reminisce?

Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru Reminisce/Full name

What school did Reminisce?

Reminisce Education Reminisce completed his secondary school education and obtained both his First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate. After his secondary studies, he enrolled at Kwara State Polytechnic to study Purchasing and Supply.

Where is Reminisce from?

Kaduna, Nigeria Reminisce/Place of birth

What is Reminisce worth?

What is Reminisce Net Worth? With so many endorsement deals, album sales, and more, Reminisce is currently estimated to worth about $7 Million. This makes him one of the richest hip hop musicians in the country.

How old is CDQ?

36 years (May 6, 1985) CDQ/Age

Who is reminisce wife?

Iya Hafusa Reminisce/Wife

How old is wizkid?

31 years (July 16, 1990) Wizkid/Age

Who is the richest musician in Nigeria 2020 to 2021?

list of top 10 richest Nigerian musicians in 2021Wizkid - Net worth of $21 Million.Davido - Net worth of $19.5 Million.Don Jazzy – Net worth of $18.5 million.Burna Boy - Net worth of $17 million.2Baba (2Face) – Net Worth of $16 million.Olamide – Net Worth of $12 million.Phyno – Net Worth of $11 million.More items •20 Aug 2021

What is Adekunle Gold real name?

Adekunle Kosoko Adekunle Gold/Full name Adekunle Kosoko (born 28 January 1987), known professionally as Adekunle Gold, is a Nigerian highlife singer, songwriter and graphic designer.

Is CDQ and Masterkraft related?

However, rapper and frequent Masterkraft collaborator, CDQ has since revealed the reason.

How old is Vector the Viper?

37 years (August 7, 1984) Vector/Age

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