Question: What do you talk about in the talking stage?

The talking stage is the period where two people who have expressed a mutual romantic interest in each other, get to know each other on a level deeper than friendship, to help them decide the next steps.

How do you start a talking stage?

Heres a little guide to getting through the talking stage.Ask questions! Equally talk. If youre not feeling it, let the other person know. Make sure its not too short or long. If its going well plan things to do. Dont be afraid of a fight. Try not to overthink it.12 Apr 2017

How do you keep things interesting in the talking stage?

When texting or talking to them, be positive and uplifting. Show interest in them but down fawn all over them. Give them a compliment or two and make sure to always be positive and happy when you are together but dont start freaking out about them not texting you back fast enough or wanting to see you enough.

What questions should you ask in the talking stage?

21 Questions To Help You Get To Know The Person You Just Started Talking ToWhat do you do for a living?Whats your favorite color?Do you have any siblings?Whats your favorite television show?When is your birthday?Whats your biggest goal in life?More items •15 May 2020

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