Question: Can you back up with weight distribution bars?

You can backup, but the friction sway control must first be disconnected otherwise you will damage it. If your system is just using trunnion bars, like the Reese Strait-Line # RP66084 does, then you should not have to worry about it.

Can you backup with weight distribution bars?

You can back up a trailer with a weight distribution system installed on as long as you dont end up in too tight of a turn. This is especially true with the Curt Weight Distribution System part # C17422 as it has a friction sway control system as well.

Do you grease weight distribution bars?

According to Reese you need to lubricate the ball mount sockets, hitch ball, and spring bar trunnions. You need to lubricate the upper and lower trunnion pivot pins and contact area in the ball mount sockets. Be sure to clean out any excess or dirt when the trailer is uncoupled.

Should you backup with sway bars?

Helpful Expert Reply: Friction sway control bars are designed to work fine going forward when turning or not but not designed to turn when backing up (backing up straight is fine). It can and likely will damage them because apparently the force being applied to them is different when going in reverse.

Why is my weight distribution hitch so noisy?

Noise: Noise is a normal occurrence when towing a trailer and using any weight distribution or sway control hitch. The majority of hitch noise can be eliminated by lubricating the friction surfaces of the head as shown in Figure 23. In some cases the friction on the L-brackets can generate noise.

Can you tow a camper without sway bars?

10-12% of your trailers weight should be at the hitch. Sway bars are like so many other optional things some folks swear by them, others have no opinion, and still others can do without. Its only a matter of what makes you the most comfortable.

What is the difference between sway control and weight distribution?

Most weight distribution hitches allow the trailer to be backed into place without having to be taken off. Its the sway control bar that has issues with backing into tight turns. If you have a sway control bar its recommended to disengage it before reversing and tight maneuvering.

Can I pull my travel trailer without sway bars?

A vehicle-based sway bar is usually not required to pull a trailer, or the factory sway bars are typically adequate. For taller vehicles like motorhomes or trucks with truck campers, a vehicle sway bar upgrade is highly recommended, however.

Does a sway bar help with towing?

The right sway bar on your tow vehicle will improve the drivability and traction, help with better cornering and less body roll. When you have your pride and joy racecar and trailer in tow behind you, better performance from your tow vehicle can be the difference in getting to the track or not.

How do I stop my hitch from wobbling?

Reducing hitch noise with an anti-rattle. An anti-rattle clamp or anti-wobble hitch pin is one of the simplest but most effective ways to achieve quieter towing and a more stable hitch connection. An anti-rattle installs tightly against the shank to keep it from vibrating inside the receiver.

How can I make my weight distribution hitch quieter?

The majority of hitch noise can be eliminated by lubricating the friction surfaces of the head as shown in Figure 23. In some cases the friction on the L-brackets can generate noise. Lubricating this joint is not recommended. A better solution is a set of official Equal-i-zer brand Sway Bracket Jackets™.

Do sway bars help towing?

Installing a sway bar helps reduce the body roll and sway you will see on the tow vehicle, but does very little in preventing the trailer from swaying. Installing a weight distribution hitch with sway control will be the best option for preventing trailer sway.

Do I need a sway bar if I have a weight distribution hitch?

Most weight distribution hitches that use chains to hold the steel arms up instead of tabs do require a sway control bar in order to be effective against sway. There has to be the friction aspect in order to keep the trailer centered behind your tow vehicle.

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